Tokmak, Ukraine

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Historical merchant's building in Tokmak
Historical merchant's building in Tokmak
Flag of Tokmak
Coat of arms of Tokmak
Tokmak is located in Zaporizhzhia Oblast
Location of Tokmak
Tokmak is located in Ukraine
Tokmak (Ukraine)
Coordinates: 47°15′N 35°42′E / 47.250°N 35.700°E / 47.250; 35.700Coordinates: 47°15′N 35°42′E / 47.250°N 35.700°E / 47.250; 35.700
Flag of Zaporizhia Oblast.svg Zaporizhzhia Oblast
Polohy Raion
ControlOccupied by  Russia
 • Land32.46 km2 (12.53 sq mi)
 • Total30,132
Postal code
Area code+380 6178
ClimateDfa Control
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Tokmak (Ukrainian: Токмак, pronounced [tokˈmɑk]) is a city in Polohy Raion in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast (province) of south-central Ukraine. The city stands on the River Tokmachka, a tributary of the River Tokmak. Prior to 2020, it served as the administrative center of the Tokmak Raion (district). Its population is approximately 30,132 (2021 est.).[1]


On 7 March 2022, Tokmak was captured by Russian forces during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.[2] Citizens repeatedly went to rallies against the occupation of the Russian military.[3]

On May 7, it became known about the death of the mayor of Tokmak (since 2009) Igor Kotelevsky, who refused to cooperate with the Russians who attacked Ukraine.[4]

Tokmak has a large solar energy station with a 50 MW capacity.

Notable people

  • Lew Grade (1906–1998), Ukrainian-British media mogul (born in Tokmak)
  • Bernard Delfont (1909–1994), Ukrainian-British theatre impresario (born in Tokmak)
  • Andriy Oberemko (born 1984), Ukrainian professional footballer



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