List of hromadas of Ukraine

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This is a list of all 1,469 hromadas of Ukraine that were formed in 2020 (excluding Kyiv, Sevastopol and hromadas in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea). A hromada is designated urban hromada if its administration is located in a city; settlement hromada if it is located in an urban-type settlement (occasionally called towns), and rural hromada if it is located in a selo or another rural settlement.

Cherkasy Oblast

Hromada Type Center Raion Raion before 2020
Babanka settlement Babanka Uman Uman
Balakleia rural Balakleia Cherkasy Smila
Bashtechky rural Bashtechky Uman Zhashkiv
Berezniaky rural Berezniaky Cherkasy Smila
Biloziria rural Biloziria Cherkasy Cherkasy
Bobrytsia rural Bobrytsia Cherkasy Kaniv
Budyshche rural Budyshche Cherkasy Cherkasy
Buky settlement Buky Uman Mankivka
Buzhanka rural Buzhanka Zvenyhorodka Lysianka
Cherkasy urban Cherkasy Cherkasy Cherkasy municipality
Chervona Sloboda rural Chervona Sloboda Cherkasy Cherkasy
Chornobai settlement Chornobai Zolotonosha Chornobai
Chyhyryn urban Chyhyryn Cherkasy Chyhyryn
Dmytrushky rural Dmytrushky Uman Uman
Drabiv settlement Drabiv Zolotonosha Drabiv
Helmiaziv rural Helmiaziv Zolotonosha Zolotonosha
Horodyshche urban Horodyshche Cherkasy Horodyshche
Irkliiv rural Irkliiv Zolotonosha Chornobai
Ivanky rural Ivanky Uman Mankivka
Kamianka urban Kamianka Cherkasy Kamianka
Kaniv urban Kaniv Cherkasy city of Kaniv
Katerynopil settlement Katerynopil Zvenyhorodka Katerynopil
Khrystynivka urban Khrystynivka Uman Khrystynivka
Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi urban Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi Cherkasy Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi
Ladyzhynka rural Ladyzhynka Uman Uman
Lesky rural Lesky Cherkasy Cherkasy
Lipliave rural Lipliave Cherkasy Kaniv
Lypianka rural Lypianka Zvenyhorodka Shpola
Lysianka settlement Lysianka Zvenyhorodka Lysianka
Mankivka settlement Mankivka Uman Mankivka
Matusiv rural Matusiv Zvenyhorodka Shpola
Medvedivka rural Medvedivka Cherkasy Chyhyryn
Mliiv rural Mliiv Cherkasy Horodyshche
Mokra Kalyhirka rural Mokra Kalyhirka Zvenyhorodka Katerynopil
Monastyryshche urban Monastyryshche Uman Monastyryshche
Moshny rural Moshny Cherkasy Cherkasy
Mykhailivka rural Mykhailivka Cherkasy Kamianka
Nabutiv rural Nabutiv Cherkasy Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi
Nova Dmytrivka rural Nova Dmytrivka Zolotonosha Zolotonosha
Palanka rural Palanka Uman Uman
Pishchane rural Pishchane Zolotonosha Zolotonosha
Rotmistrivka rural Rotmistrivka Cherkasy Smila
Ruska Poliana rural Ruska Poliana Cherkasy Cherkasy
Sahunivka rural Sahunivka Cherkasy Cherkasy
Selyshche rural Selyshche Zvenyhorodka Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi
Shevchenkove rural Shevchenkove Zvenyhorodka Zvenyhorodka
Shpola urban Shpola Zvenyhorodka Shpola
Shramkivka rural Shramkivka Zolotonosha Drabiv
Smila urban Smila Cherkasy Smila municipality
Stebliv settlement Stebliv Zvenyhorodka Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi
Stepanky rural Stepanky Cherkasy Cherkasy
Stepantsi rural Stepantsi Cherkasy Kaniv
Talne urban Talne Zvenyhorodka Talne
Ternivka rural Ternivka Cherkasy Smila
Uman urban Uman Uman city of Uman
Vatutine urban Vatutine Zvenyhorodka Vatutine municipality
Velyky Khutir rural Velyky Khutir Zolotonosha Drabiv
Vilshana settlement Vilshana Zvenyhorodka Horodyshche
Vodianyky rural Vodianyky Zvenyhorodka Zvenyhorodka
Voznesenske rural Voznesenske Zolotonosha Zolotonosha
Vynohrad rural Vynohrad Zvenyhorodka Lysianka
Yerky settlement Yerky Zvenyhorodka Katerynopil
Zhashkiv urban Zhashkiv Uman Zhashkiv
Zolotonosha urban Zolotonosha Zolotonosha Zolotonosha municipality
Zorivka rural Zorivka Zolotonosha Zolotonosha
Zvenyhorodka urban Zvenyhorodka Zvenyhorodka Zvenyhorodka

Chernihiv Oblast

Hromada Type Center Raion Raion before 2020
Bakhmach urban Bakhmach Nizhyn Bakhmach
Baturyn urban Baturyn Nizhyn Bakhmach
Berezna settlement Berezna Chernihiv Mena
Bobrovytsia urban Bobrovytsia Nizhyn Bobrovytsia
Borzna urban Borzna Nizhyn Borzna
Chernihiv urban Chernihiv Chernihiv city of Chernihiv
Desna settlement Desna Chernihiv Kozelets
Dmytrivka settlement Dmytrivka Nizhyn Bakhmach
Dobrianka settlement Dobrianka Chernihiv Ripky
Honcharivske settlement Honcharivske Chernihiv Chernihiv
Horodnia urban Horodnia Chernihiv Horodnia
Ichnia urban Ichnia Pryluky Ichnia
Ivanivka rural Ivanivka Chernihiv Chernihiv
Kholmy settlement Kholmy Koriukivka Koriukivka
Kipti rural Kipti Chernihiv Kozelets
Komarivka rural Komarivka Nizhyn Borzna
Koriukivka urban Koriukivka Koriukivka Koriukivka
Korop settlement Korop Novhorod-Siverskyi Korop
Kozelets settlement Kozelets Chernihiv Kozelets
Kruty rural Kruty Nizhyn Nizhyn
Kulykivka settlement Kulykivka Chernihiv Kulykivka
Kyinka rural Kyinka Chernihiv Chernihiv
Kyselivka rural Kyselivka Chernihiv Chernihiv
Ladan settlement Ladan Pryluky Pryluky
Liubech settlement Liubech Chernihiv Ripky
Losynivka settlement Losynivka Nizhyn Nizhyn
Lynovytsia settlement Lynovytsia Pryluky Pryluky
Makiivka rural Makiivka Nizhyn Nosivka
Mala Divytsia settlement Mala Divytsia Pryluky Pryluky
Mena urban Mena Koriukivka Mena
Mryn rural Mryn Nizhyn Nosivka
Mykhailo-Kotsiubynske settlement Mykhailo-Kotsiubynske Chernihiv Chernihiv
Nizhyn urban Nizhyn Nizhyn city of Nizhyn
Nosivka urban Nosivka Nizhyn Nosivka
Nova Basan rural Nova Basan Nizhyn Bobrovytsia
Novhorod-Siverskyi urban Novhorod-Siverskyi Novhorod-Siverskyi Novhorod-Siverskyi
Novhorod-Siverskyi municipality
Novy Bilous rural Novy Bilous Chernihiv Chernihiv
Olyshivka settlement Olyshivka Chernihiv Chernihiv
Oster urban Oster Chernihiv Kozelets
Parafiivka settlement Parafiivka Pryluky Ichnia
Plysky rural Plysky Nizhyn Borzna
Ponornytsia settlement Ponornytsia Novhorod-Siverskyi Korop
Pryluky urban Pryluky Pryluky city of Pryluky
Ripky settlement Ripky Chernihiv Ripky
Sedniv settlement Sedniv Chernihiv Chernihiv
Semenivka urban Semenivka Novhorod-Siverskyi Semenivka
Snovsk urban Snovsk Koriukivka Snovsk
Sosnytsia settlement Sosnytsia Koriukivka Sosnytsia
Sribne settlement Sribne Pryluky Sribne
Sukhopolova rural Sukhopolova Pryluky Pryluky
Talalaivka settlement Talalaivka Pryluky Talalaivka
Talalaivka rural Talalaivka Nizhyn Nizhyn
Tupychiv rural Tupychiv Chernihiv Horodnia
Varva settlement Varva Pryluky Varva
Vertiivka rural Vertiivka Nizhyn Nizhyn
Vysoke rural Vysoke Nizhyn Borzna
Yablunivka rural Yablunivka Pryluky Pryluky

Chernivtsi Oblast

Hromada Type Center Raion Raion before 2020
Banyliv rural Banyliv Vyzhnytsia Vyzhnytsia
Berehomet settlement Berehomet Vyzhnytsia Vyzhnytsia
Boiany rural Boiany Chernivtsi Novoselytsia
Brusnytsia rural Brusnytsia Vyzhnytsia Kitsman
Chahor rural Chahor Chernivtsi Hlyboka
Chernivtsi urban Chernivtsi Chernivtsi city of Chernivtsi
Chudei rural Chudei Chernivtsi Storozhynets
Hertsa urban Hertsa Chernivtsi Hertsa
Hlyboka settlement Hlyboka Chernivtsi Hlyboka
Horishni Sherivtsi rural Horishni Sherivtsi Chernivtsi Zastavna
Kadubivtsi rural Kadubivtsi Chernivtsi Zastavna
Kamiana rural Kamiana Chernivtsi Storozhynets
Kamianka rural Kamianka Chernivtsi Hlyboka
Karapchiv rural Yordaneshty Chernivtsi Hlyboka
Kelmentsi settlement Kelmentsi Dnistrovskyi Kelmentsi
Khotyn urban Khotyn Dnistrovskyi Khotyn
Kitsman urban Kitsman Chernivtsi Kitsman
Klishkivtsi rural Klishkivtsi Dnistrovskyi Khotyn
Koniatyn rural Koniatyn Vyzhnytsia Putyla
Kostryzhivka settlement Kostryzhivka Chernivtsi Zastavna
Krasnoilsk settlement Krasnoilsk Chernivtsi Storozhynets
Livyntsi rural Livyntsi Dnistrovskyi Kelmentsi
Mahala rural Mahala Chernivtsi Novoselytsia
Mamaivtsi rural Mamaivtsi Chernivtsi Kitsman
Mamalyha rural Mamalyha Dnistrovskyi Novoselytsia
Nedoboivtsi rural Nedoboivtsi Dnistrovskyi Khotyn
Nepolokivtsi settlement Nepolokivtsi Chernivtsi Kitsman
Novodnistrovsk urban Novodnistrovsk Dnistrovskyi city of Novodnistrovsk
Novoselytsia urban Novoselytsia Chernivtsi Novoselytsia
Ostrytsia rural Ostrytsia Chernivtsi Hertsa
Petrivtsi rural Verkhni Petrivtsi Chernivtsi Storozhynets
Putyla settlement Putyla Vyzhnytsia Putyla
Rukshyn rural Rukshyn Dnistrovskyi Khotyn
Seliatyn rural Seliatyn Vyzhnytsia Putyla
Sokyriany urban Sokyriany Dnistrovskyi Sokyriany
Stavchany rural Stavchany Chernivtsi Kitsman
Storozhynets urban Storozhynets Chernivtsi Storozhynets
Sucheveny rural Sucheveny Chernivtsi Hlyboka
Tarashany rural Tarashany Chernivtsi Hlyboka
Terebleche rural Terebleche Chernivtsi Hlyboka
Toporivtsi rural Toporivtsi Chernivtsi Novoselytsia
Ust-Putyla rural Ust-Putyla Vyzhnytsia Putyla
Vanchykivtsi rural Vanchykivtsi Chernivtsi Novoselytsia
Vashkivtsi urban Vashkivtsi Vyzhnytsia Vyzhnytsia
Vashkivtsi rural Vashkivtsi Dnistrovskyi Sokyriany
Velykyi Kuchuriv rural Velykyi Kuchuriv Chernivtsi Storozhynets
Verenchanka rural Verenchanka Chernivtsi Zastavna
Vikno rural Vikno Chernivtsi Zastavna
Voloka rural Voloka Chernivtsi Hlyboka
Vyzhnytsia urban Vyzhnytsia Vyzhnytsia Vyzhnytsia
Yurkivtsi rural Yurkivtsi Chernivtsi Zastavna
Zastavna urban Zastavna Chernivtsi Zastavna

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Hromada Type Center Raion Raion before 2020
Apostolove urban Apostolove Kryvyi Rih Apostolove
Bohdanivka rural Bohdanivka Pavlohrad Pavlohrad
Bohunivka rural Bohunivka Synelnykove Petropavlivka
Bozhedarivka settlement Bozhedarivka Kamianske Krynychky
Cherkaske settlement Cherkaske Novomoskovsk Novomoskovsk
Chernechyna rural Chernechyna Novomoskovsk Mahdalynivka
Chervonohryhorivka settlement Chervonohryhorivka Nikopol Nikopol
Chumaky rural Chumaky Dnipro Dnipro
Devladove rural Devladove Kryvyi Rih Sofiivka
Dnipro urban Dnipro Dnipro Dnipro Municipality
Dubovyky rural Dubovyky Synelnykove Vasylkivka
Hleiuvatka rural Hleiuvatka Kryvyi Rih Kryvyi Rih
Hrechani Pody rural Hrechani Pody Kryvyi Rih Shyroke
Hrushivka rural Hrushivka Kryvyi Rih Apostolove
Hubynykha settlement Hubynykha Novomoskovsk Novomoskovsk
Ilarionove settlement Ilarionove Synelnykove Synelnykove
Kamianske urban Kamianske Kamianske Kamianske Municipality
Karpivka rural Karpivka Kryvyi Rih Shyroke
Krynychky settlement Krynychky Kamianske Krynychky
Kryvyi Rih urban Kryvyi Rih Kryvyi Rih Kryvyi Rih Municipality
Kytaihorod rural Kytaihorod Dnipro Tsarychanka
Liashkivka rural Liashkivka Dnipro Tsarychanka
Liubymivka rural Liubymivka Dnipro Dnipro
Lozuvatka rural Lozuvatka Kryvyi Rih Kryvyi Rih
Lychkove rural Lychkove Novomoskovsk Mahdalynivka
Lykhivka settlement Lykhivka Kamianske Piatykhatky
Mahdalynivka settlement Mahdalynivka Novomoskovsk Mahdalynivka
Malomykhailivka rural Malomykhailivka Synelnykove Pokrovske
Marhanets urban Marhanets Nikopol Marhanets Municipality
Mezhova settlement Mezhova Synelnykove Mezhova
Mezhyrich rural Mezhyrich Pavlohrad Pavlohrad
Mohyliv rural Mohyliv Dnipro Tsarychanka
Mykolaivka rural Mykolaivka Dnipro Dnipro
Mykolaivka rural Mykolaivka Synelnykove Petropavlivka
Myrove rural Myrove Nikopol Tomakivka
Nikopol urban Nikopol Nikopol city of Nikopol
Novolativka rural Novolativka Kryvyi Rih Shyroke
Novomoskovsk urban Novomoskovsk Novomoskovsk city of Novomoskovsk
Novooleksandrivka rural Novooleksandrivka Dnipro Dnipro
Novopavlivka rural Novopavlivka Synelnykove Mezhova
Novopillia rural Novopillia Kryvyi Rih Kryvyi Rih
Novopokrovka settlement Novopokrovka Dnipro Solone
Nyva Trudova rural Nyva Trudova Kryvyi Rih Apostolove
Obukhivka settlement Obukhivka Dnipro Dnipro
Pavlohrad urban Pavlohrad Pavlohrad city of Pavlohrad
Pereshchepyne urban Pereshchepyne Novomoskovsk Novomoskovsk
Pershotravensk urban Pershotravensk Synelnykove city of Pershotravensk
Pershotravneve rural Pershotravneve Nikopol Nikopol
Petropavlivka settlement Petropavlivka Synelnykove Petropavlivka
Petrykivka settlement Petrykivka Dnipro Petrykivka
Piatykhatky urban Piatykhatky Kamianske Piatykhatky
Pidhorodne urban Pidhorodne Dnipro Dnipro
Pishchanka rural Pishchanka Novomoskovsk Novomoskovsk
Pokrov urban Pokrov Nikopol Pokrov Municipality
Pokrovske settlement Pokrovske Synelnykove Pokrovske
Pokrovske rural Pokrovske Nikopol Nikopol
Raivka rural Raivka Synelnykove Synelnykove
Rozdory settlement Rozdory Synelnykove Synelnykove
Saksahan rural Saksahan Kamianske Piatykhatky
Shyroke settlement Shyroke Kryvyi Rih Shyroke
Slavhorod settlement Slavhorod Synelnykove Synelnykove
Slobozhanske settlement Slobozhanske Dnipro Dnipro
Slovianka rural Slovianka Synelnykove Mezhova
Sofiivka settlement Sofiivka Kryvyi Rih Sofiivka
Solone settlement Solone Dnipro Solone
Sursko-Lytovske rural Sursko-Lytovske Dnipro Dnipro
Sviatovasylivka rural Sviatovasylivka Dnipro Solone
Synelnykove urban Synelnykove Synelnykove city of Synelnykove
Ternivka urban Ternivka Pavlohrad Ternivka Municipality
Tomakivka settlement Tomakivka Nikopol Tomakivka
Troitske rural Troitske Pavlohrad Pavlohrad
Tsarychanka settlement Tsarychanka Dnipro Tsarychanka
Ukrainske rural Ukrainske Synelnykove Petropavlivka
Vakulove rural Vakulove Kryvyi Rih Sofiivka
Vasylkivka settlement Vasylkivka Synelnykove Vasylkivka
Velykomykhailivka rural Velykomykhailivka Synelnykove Pokrovske
Verbky rural Verbky Pavlohrad Pavlohrad
Verkhivtseve urban Verkhivtseve Kamianske Verkhnodniprovsk
Verkhnodniprovsk urban Verkhnodniprovsk Kamianske Verkhnodniprovsk
Vilnohirsk urban Vilnohirsk Kamianske city of Vilnohirsk
Vyshneve settlement Vyshneve Kamianske Piatykhatky
Yurivka settlement Yurivka Pavlohrad Yurivka
Zaitseve rural Zaitseve Synelnykove Synelnykove
Zatyshne rural Zatyshne Kamianske Krynychky
Zelenodolsk urban Zelenodolsk Kryvyi Rih Apostolove
Zhovti Vody urban Zhovti Vody Kamianske Zhovti Vody Municipality

Donetsk Oblast

Hromada Type Center Raion Raion before 2020
Donetsk urban Donetsk Donetsk
Avdiivka urban Avdiivka Pokrovsk
Bakhmut urban Bakhmut Bakhmut
Horlivka urban Horlivka Horlivka
Debaltseve urban Debaltseve Horlivka
Toretsk urban Toretsk Bakhmut
Myrnohrad urban Myrnohrad Pokrovsk
Bilozerske urban Bilozerske Pokrovsk
Dobropillia urban Dobropillia Pokrovsk
Novodonetske settlement Novodonetske Kramatorsk
Dokuchaievsk urban Dokuchaievsk Kalmiuske
Druzhkivka urban Druzhkivka Kramatorsk
Yenakiieve urban Yenakiieve Horlivka
Zhdanivka urban Zhdanivka Horlivka
Mariupol urban Mariupol Mariupol
Sartana settlement Sartana Mariupol
Khrestivka urban Khrestivka Horlivka
Kostiantynivka urban Kostiantynivka Kramatorsk
Kramatorsk urban Kramatorsk Kramatorsk
Pokrovsk urban Pokrovsk Pokrovsk
Lyman urban Lyman Kramatorsk
Makiivka urban Makiivka Donetsk
Novohrodivka urban Novohrodivka Pokrovsk
Selydove urban Selydove Pokrovsk
Sviatohirsk urban Sviatohirsk Kramatorsk
Sloviansk urban Sloviansk Kramatorsk
Snizhne urban Snizhne Horlivka
Chystiakove urban Chystiakove Horlivka
Vuhledar urban Vuhledar Volnovakha
Ilovaisk urban Ilovaisk Donetsk
Khartsyzk urban Khartsyzk Donetsk
Shakhtarsk urban Shakhtarsk Horlivka
Yasynuvata urban Yasynuvata Donetsk
Oleksandrivka settlement Oleksandrivka Kramatorsk
Amvrosiivka urban Amvrosiivka Donetsk
Vuhlehirsk urban Vuhlehirsk Horlivka
Svitlodarsk urban Svitlodarsk Bakhmut
Siversk urban Siversk Bakhmut
Soledar urban Soledar Bakhmut
Chasiv Yar urban Chasiv Yar Bakhmut
Zvanivka rural Zvanivka Bakhmut
Velyka Novosilka settlement Velyka Novosilka Volnovakha
Komar rural Komar Volnovakha
Staromlynivka rural Staromlynivka Volnovakha
Volnovakha urban Volnovakha Volnovakha
Myrne settlement Myrne Volnovakha
Olhynka settlement Olhynka Volnovakha
Khlibodarivka rural Khlibodarivka Volnovakha
Nikolske settlement Nikolske Mariupol
Kalchyk rural Kalchyk Mariupol
Kryvorizhia rural Kryvorizhia Pokrovsk
Shakhove rural Shakhove Pokrovsk
Illinivka rural Illinivka Kramatorsk
Hrodivka settlement Hrodivka Pokrovsk
Udachne settlement Udachne Pokrovsk
Kurakhove urban Kurakhove Pokrovsk
Marinka urban Marinka Pokrovsk
Novoazovsk urban Novoazovsk Kalmiuske
Manhush settlement Manhush Mariupol
Mykolaivka urban Mykolaivka Kramatorsk
Cherkaske settlement Cherkaske Kramatorsk
Andriivka rural Andriivka Kramatorsk
Kalmiuske urban Kalmiuske Kalmiuske
Starobesheve settlement Starobesheve Kalmiuske
Boykivske settlement Boykivske Kalmiuske
Ocheretyne settlement Ocheretyne Pokrovsk

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

Hromada Type Center Raion Raion before 2020
Biloberizka rural Biloberizka Verkhovyna Verkhovyna
Bilshivtsi settlement Bilshivtsi Ivano-Frankivsk Halych
Bohorodchany settlement Bohorodchany Ivano-Frankivsk Bohorodchany
Bolekhiv urban Bolekhiv Kalush Bolekhiv Municipality
Broshniv-Osada settlement Broshniv-Osada Kalush Rozhniativ
Bukachivtsi settlement Bukachivtsi Ivano-Frankivsk Rohatyn
Burshtyn urban Burshtyn Ivano-Frankivsk Burshtyn Municipality
Chernelytsia settlement Chernelytsia Kolomyia Horodenka
Deliatyn settlement Deliatyn Nadvirna Nadvirna
Dolyna urban Dolyna Kalush Dolyna
Duba rural Duba Kalush Rozhniativ
Dubivtsi rural Dubivtsi Ivano-Frankivsk Halych
Dzvyniach rural Dzvyniach Ivano-Frankivsk Bohorodchany
Halych urban Halych Ivano-Frankivsk Halych
Horodenka urban Horodenka Kolomyia Horodenka
Hvizdets settlement Hvizdets Kolomyia Kolomyia
Ivano-Frankivsk urban Ivano-Frankivsk Ivano-Frankivsk Ivano-Frankivsk Municipality
Kalush urban Kalush Kalush city of Kalush
Kolomyia urban Kolomyia Kolomyia city of Kolomyia
Korshiv rural Korshiv Kolomyia Kolomyia
Kosiv urban Kosiv Kosiv Kosiv
Kosmach rural Kosmach Kosiv Kosiv
Kuty settlement Kuty Kosiv Kosiv
Lanchyn settlement Lanchyn Nadvirna Nadvirna
Lysets settlement Lysets Ivano-Frankivsk Tysmenytsia
Mateivtsi rural Mateivtsi Kolomyia Kolomyia
Nadvirna urban Nadvirna Nadvirna Nadvirna
Novytsia rural Novytsia Kalush Kalush
Nyzhni Verbizh rural Nyzhni Verbizh Kolomyia Kolomyia
Obertyn settlement Obertyn Ivano-Frankivsk Tlumach
Olesha rural Olesha Ivano-Frankivsk Tlumach
Otyniia settlement Otyniia Kolomyia Kolomyia
Pasichna rural Pasichna Nadvirna Nadvirna
Pechenizhyn settlement Pechenizhyn Kolomyia Kolomyia
Perehinske settlement Perehinske Kalush Rozhniativ
Pererisl rural Pererisl Nadvirna Nadvirna
Piadyky rural Piadyky Kolomyia Kolomyia
Pidhaichyky rural Pidhaichyky Kolomyia Kolomyia
Polianytsia rural Polianytsia Nadvirna Yaremche Municipality
Rohatyn urban Rohatyn Ivano-Frankivsk Rohatyn
Rozhniativ settlement Rozhniativ Kalush Rozhniativ
Rozhniv rural Rozhniv Kosiv Kosiv
Sniatyn urban Sniatyn Kolomyia Sniatyn
Solotvyn settlement Solotvyn Ivano-Frankivsk Bohorodchany
Spas rural Spas Kalush Rozhniativ
Stari Bohorodchany rural Stari Bohorodchany Ivano-Frankivsk Bohorodchany
Tlumach urban Tlumach Ivano-Frankivsk Tlumach
Tysmenytsia urban Tysmenytsia Ivano-Frankivsk Tysmenytsia
Uhryniv rural Uhryniv Ivano-Frankivsk Tysmenytsia
Verkhnia rural Verkhnia Kalush Kalush
Verkhovyna settlement Verkhovyna Verkhovyna Verkhovyna
Voinyliv settlement Voinyliv Kalush Kalush
Vorokhta settlement Vorokhta Nadvirna Yaremche Municipality
Vyhoda settlement Vyhoda Kalush Dolyna
Vytvytsia rural Vytvytsia Kalush Dolyna
Yabluniv settlement Yabluniv Kosiv Kosiv
Yamnytsia rural Yamnytsia Ivano-Frankivsk Tysmenytsia
Yaremche urban Yaremche Nadvirna Yaremche Municipality
Yezupil settlement Yezupil Ivano-Frankivsk Tysmenytsia
Zabolotiv settlement Zabolotiv Kolomyia Sniatyn
Zahvizdia rural Zahvizdia Ivano-Frankivsk Tysmenytsia
Zelene rural Zelene Verkhovyna Verkhovyna

Kharkiv Oblast

Hromada Type Center Raion Raion before 2020
Balakliia urban Balakliia Izium Balakliia
Barvinkove urban Barvinkove Izium Barvinkove
Bezliudivka settlement Bezliudivka Kharkiv Kharkiv
Biliaivka rural Biliaivka Lozova Pervomaiskyi
Blyzniuky settlement Blyzniuky Lozova Blyzniuky
Bohodukhiv urban Bohodukhiv Bohodukhiv Bohodukhiv
Borova settlement Borova Izium Borova
Chkalovske settlement Chkalovske Chuhuiv Chuhuiv
Chuhuiv urban Chuhuiv Chuhuiv Chuhuiv Municipality
Derhachi urban Derhachi Kharkiv Derhachi
Donets settlement Donets Izium Balakliia
Dvorichna settlement Dvorichna Kupiansk Dvorichna
Izium urban Izium Izium city of Izium
Kehychivka settlement Kehychivka Krasnohrad Kehychivka
Kharkiv urban Kharkiv Kharkiv city of Kharkiv
Kindrashivka rural Kindrashivka Kupiansk Kupiansk
Kolomak settlement Kolomak Bohodukhiv Kolomak
Krasnohrad urban Krasnohrad Krasnohrad Krasnohrad
Krasnokutsk settlement Krasnokutsk Bohodukhiv Krasnokutsk
Kunie rural Kunie Izium Izium
Kupiansk urban Kupiansk Kupiansk Kupiansk Municipality
Kurylivka rural Kurylivka Kupiansk Kupiansk
Liubotyn urban Liubotyn Kharkiv Liubotyn Municipality
Lozova urban Lozova Lozova Lozova
Lozova Municipality
Lyptsi rural Lyptsi Kharkiv Kharkiv
Mala Danylivka settlement Mala Danylivka Kharkiv Derhachi
Malynivka settlement Malynivka Chuhuiv Chuhuiv
Merefa urban Merefa Kharkiv Kharkiv
Natalyne rural Natalyne Krasnohrad Krasnohrad
Nova Vodolaha settlement Nova Vodolaha Kharkiv Nova Vodolaha
Novopokrovka settlement Novopokrovka Chuhuiv Chuhuiv
Oleksiivka rural Oleksiivka Lozova Pervomaiskyi
Oskil rural Oskil Izium Izium
Pechenihy settlement Pechenihy Chuhuiv Pechenihy
Pervomaiskyi urban Pervomaiskyi Lozova city of Pervomaiskyi
Petropavlivka rural Petropavlivka Kupiansk Kupiansk
Pisochyn settlement Pisochyn Kharkiv Kharkiv
Pivdenne urban Pivdenne Kharkiv Kharkiv
Rohan settlement Rohan Kharkiv Kharkiv
Sakhnovshchyna settlement Sakhnovshchyna Krasnohrad Sakhnovshchyna
Savyntsi settlement Savyntsi Izium Balakliia
Shevchenkove settlement Shevchenkove Kupiansk Shevchenkove
Slobozhanske settlement Slobozhanske Chuhuiv Zmiiv
Solonytsivka settlement Solonytsivka Kharkiv Derhachi
Starovirivka rural Starovirivka Krasnohrad Nova Vodolaha
Staryi Saltiv settlement Staryi Saltiv Chuhuiv Vovchansk
Tsyrkuny rural Tsyrkuny Kharkiv Kharkiv
Valky urban Valky Bohodukhiv Valky
Velykyi Burluk settlement Velykyi Burluk Kupiansk Velykyi Burluk
Vilkhivka rural Vilkhivka Kharkiv Kharkiv
Vilkhuvatka rural Vilkhuvatka Kupiansk Velykyi Burluk
Vovchansk urban Vovchansk Chuhuiv Vovchansk
Vysokyi settlement Vysokyi Kharkiv Kharkiv
Zachepylivka settlement Zachepylivka Krasnohrad Zachepylivka
Zmiiv urban Zmiiv Chuhuiv Zmiiv
Zolochiv settlement Zolochiv Bohodukhiv Zolochiv

Kherson Oblast

Hromada Type Center Raion Raion before 2020
Askania-Nova settlement Askania-Nova Kakhovka Chaplynka
Bekhtery rural Bekhtery Skadovsk Hola Prystan
Beryslav urban Beryslav Beryslav Beryslav
Bilozerka settlement Bilozerka Kherson Bilozerka
Borozenske rural Borozenske Beryslav Velyka Oleksandrivka
Chaplynka settlement Chaplynka Kakhovka Chaplynka
Chornobaivka rural Chornobaivka Kherson Bilozerka
Chulakivka rural Chulakivka Skadovsk Hola Prystan
Dariivka rural Dariivka Kherson Bilozerka
Dolmativka rural Dolmativka Skadovsk Hola Prystan
Henichesk urban Henichesk Henichesk Henichesk
Hola Prystan urban Hola Prystan Skadovsk Hola Prystan Municipality
Hornostaivka settlement Hornostaivka Kakhovka Hornostaivka
Hryhorivka rural Hryhorivka Kakhovka Chaplynka
Ivanivka settlement Ivanivka Henichesk Ivanivka
Kakhovka urban Kakhovka Kakhovka city of Kakhovka
Kalanchak settlement Kalanchak Skadovsk Kalanchak
Kalynivske settlement Kalynivske Beryslav Velyka Oleksandrivka
Kherson urban Kherson Kherson Kherson Municipality
Khrestivka rural Khrestivka Kakhovka Chaplynka
Kochubeivka rural Kochubeivka Beryslav Vysokopillia
Kostiantynivka rural Kostiantynivka Kakhovka Hornostaivka
Lazurne settlement Lazurne Skadovsk Skadovsk
Liubymivka settlement Liubymivka Kakhovka Kakhovka
Muzykivka rural Muzykivka Kherson Bilozerka
Mylove rural Mylove Beryslav Beryslav
Myrne settlement Myrne Skadovsk Kalanchak
Nyzhni Sirohozy settlement Nyzhni Sirohozy Henichesk Nyzhni Sirohozy
Nova Kakhovka urban Nova Kakhovka Kakhovka Nova Kakhovka Municipality
Novomykolaivka rural Novomykolaivka Skadovsk Skadovsk
Novooleksandrivka rural Novooleksandrivka Beryslav Novovorontsovka
Novoraisk rural Novoraisk Beryslav Beryslav
Novotroitske settlement Novotroitske Henichesk Novotroitske
Novovorontsovka settlement Novovorontsovka Beryslav Novovorontsovka
Oleshky urban Oleshky Kherson Oleshky
Rubanivka rural Rubanivka Kakhovka Velyka Lepetykha
Skadovsk urban Skadovsk Skadovsk Skadovsk
Stanislav rural Stanislav Kherson Bilozerka
Tavriisk urban Tavriisk Kakhovka Kakhovka

Nova Kakhovka Municipality

Tavrychanka rural Tavrychanka Kakhovka Kakhovka
Tiahynka rural Tiahynka Beryslav Beryslav
Velyka Lepetykha settlement Velyka Lepetykha Kakhovka Velyka Lepetykha
Velyka Oleksandrivka settlement Velyka Oleksandrivka Beryslav Velyka Oleksandrivka
Velyki Kopani rural Velyki Kopani Kherson Oleshky
Verkhnii Rohachyk settlement Verkhnii Rohachyk Kakhovka Verkhnii Rohachyk
Vynohradove rural Vynohradove Kherson Oleshky
Vysokopillia settlement Vysokopillia Beryslav Vysokopillia
Yuvileine rural Yuvileine Kherson Oleshky
Zelenyi Pid rural Zelenyi Pid Kakhovka Kakhovka

Khmelnytskyi Oblast

Hromada Type Center Raion Raion before 2020
Antoniny settlement Antoniny Khmelnytskyi Krasyliv
Berezdiv rural Berezdiv Shepetivka Slavuta
Bilohiria settlement Bilohiria Shepetivka Bilohiria
Chemerivtsi settlement Chemerivtsi Kamianets-Podilskyi Chemerivtsi
Chornyi Ostriv settlement Chornyi Ostriv Khmelnytskyi Khmelnytskyi
Derazhnia urban Derazhnia Khmelnytskyi Derazhnia
Dunaivtsi urban Dunaivtsi Kamianets-Podilskyi Dunaivtsi
Hannopil rural Hannopil Shepetivka Slavuta
Horodok urban Horodok Khmelnytskyi Horodok
Hrytsiv settlement Hrytsiv Shepetivka Shepetivka
Hukiv rural Hukiv Kamianets-Podilskyi Chemerivtsi
Humentsi rural Humentsi Kamianets-Podilskyi Kamianets-Podilskyi
Hvardiiske rural Hvardiiske Khmelnytskyi Khmelnytskyi
Iziaslav urban Iziaslav Shepetivka Iziaslav
Kamianets-Podilskyi urban Kamianets-Podilskyi Kamianets-Podilskyi city of Kamianets-Podilskyi
Khmelnytskyi urban Khmelnytskyi Khmelnytskyi city of Khmelnytskyi
Krasyliv urban Krasyliv Khmelnytskyi Krasyliv
Krupets rural Krupets Shepetivka Slavuta
Kytaihorod rural Kytaihorod Kamianets-Podilskyi Kamianets-Podilskyi
Lenkivtsi rural Lenkivtsi Shepetivka Shepetivka
Letychiv settlement Letychiv Khmelnytskyi Letychiv
Lisovi Hrynivtsi rural Lisovi Hrynivtsi Khmelnytskyi Khmelnytskyi
Makiv rural Makiv Kamianets-Podilskyi Dunaivtsi
Medzhybizh settlement Medzhybizh Khmelnytskyi Letychiv
Mykhailiuchka rural Mykhailiuchka Shepetivka Shepetivka
Myroliubne rural Myroliubne Khmelnytskyi Starokostiantyniv
Narkevychi settlement Narkevychi Khmelnytskyi Volochysk
Netishyn urban Netishyn Shepetivka city of Netishyn
Nova Ushytsia settlement Nova Ushytsia Kamianets-Podilskyi Nova Ushytsia
Novodunaivtsi settlement Dunaivtsi Kamianets-Podilskyi Dunaivtsi
Orynyn rural Orynyn Kamianets-Podilskyi Kamianets-Podilskyi
Pluzhne rural Pluzhne Shepetivka Iziaslav
Polonne urban Polonne Shepetivka Polonne
Poninka settlement Poninka Shepetivka Polonne
Rozsosha rural Rozsosha Khmelnytskyi Khmelnytskyi
Sakhnivtsi rural Sakhnivtsi Shepetivka Iziaslav
Sataniv settlement Sataniv Khmelnytskyi Horodok
Shchyborivka rural Shchyborivka Khmelnytskyi Krasyliv
Shepetivka urban Shepetivka Shepetivka city of Shepetivka
Slavuta urban Slavuta Shepetivka city of Slavuta
Slobidka-Kulchiievetska rural Slobidka-Kulchiievetska Kamianets-Podilskyi Kamianets-Podilskyi
Smotrych settlement Smotrych Kamianets-Podilskyi Dunaivtsi
Solobkivtsi rural Solobkivtsi Khmelnytskyi Yarmolyntsi
Stara Syniava settlement Stara Syniava Khmelnytskyi Stara Syniava
Stara Ushytsia settlement Stara Ushytsia Kamianets-Podilskyi Kamianets-Podilskyi
Starokostiantyniv urban Starokostiantyniv Khmelnytskyi Starokostiantyniv
city of Starokostiantyniv
Staryi Ostropil rural Staryi Ostropil Khmelnytskyi Starokostiantyniv
Sudylkiv rural Sudylkiv Shepetivka Shepetivka
Teofipol settlement Teofipol Khmelnytskyi Teofipol
Ulashanivka rural Ulashanivka Shepetivka Slavuta
Viitivtsi settlement Viitivtsi Khmelnytskyi Volochysk
Vinkivtsi settlement Vinkivtsi Khmelnytskyi Vinkivtsi
Volochysk urban Volochysk Khmelnytskyi Volochysk
Vovkovyntsi settlement Vovkovyntsi Khmelnytskyi Derazhnia
Yampil settlement Yampil Shepetivka Bilohiria
Yarmolyntsi settlement Yarmolyntsi Khmelnytskyi Yarmolyntsi
Zakupne settlement Zakupne Kamianets-Podilskyi Chemerivtsi
Zasluchne rural Zasluchne Khmelnytskyi Krasyliv
Zhvanets rural Zhvanets Kamianets-Podilskyi Kamianets-Podilskyi
Zinkiv rural Zinkiv Khmelnytskyi Vinkivtsi

Kirovohrad Oblast

Hromada Type Center Raion Raion before 2020
Adzhamka rural Adzhamka Kropyvnytskyi Kropyvnytskyi
Blahovishchenske urban Blahovishchenske Holovanivsk Blahovishchenske
Bobrynets urban Bobrynets Kropyvnytskyi Bobrynets
Dmytrivka rural Dmytrivka Kropyvnytskyi Znamianka
Dobrovelychkivka settlement Dobrovelychkivka Novoukrainka Dobrovelychkivka
Dolynska urban Dolynska Kropyvnytskyi Dolynska
Haivoron urban Haivoron Holovanivsk Haivoron
Hannivka rural Hannivka Novoukrainka Novoukrainka
Hlodosy rural Hlodosy Novoukrainka Novoukrainka
Holovanivsk settlement Holovanivsk Holovanivsk Holovanivsk
Hurivka rural Hurivka Kropyvnytskyi Dolynska
Katerynivka rural Katerynivka Kropyvnytskyi Kropyvnytskyi
Ketrysanivka rural Ketrysanivka Kropyvnytskyi Bobrynets
Kompaniivka settlement Kompaniivka Kropyvnytskyi Kompaniivka
Kropyvnytskyi urban Kropyvnytskyi Kropyvnytskyi Kropyvnytskyi Municipality
Mala Vyska urban Mala Vyska Novoukrainka Mala Vyska
Marianivska rural Velyka Vyska Novoukrainka Mala Vyska
Nadlak rural Nadlak Holovanivsk Novoarkhanhelsk
Nova Praha settlement Nova Praha Oleksandriia Oleksandriia
Novhorodka settlement Novhorodka Kropyvnytskyi Novhorodka
Novoarkhanhelsk settlement Novoarkhanhelsk Holovanivsk Novoarkhanhelsk
Novomyrhorod urban Novomyrhorod Novoukrainka Novomyrhorod
Novoukrainka urban Novoukrainka Novoukrainka Novoukrainka
Oleksandriia urban Oleksandriia Oleksandriia Oleksandriia Municipality
Oleksandrivka settlement Oleksandrivka Kropyvnytskyi Oleksandrivka
Onufriivka settlement Onufriivka Oleksandriia Onufriivka
Pantaivka settlement Pantaivka Oleksandriia Oleksandriia Municipality
Perehonivka rural Perehonivka Holovanivsk Holovanivsk
Pervozvanivka rural Pervozvanivka Kropyvnytskyi Kropyvnytskyi
Petrove settlement Petrove Oleksandriia Petrove
Pidvysoke rural Pidvysoke Holovanivsk Novoarkhanhelsk
Pishchany Brid rural Pishchany Brid Novoukrainka Dobrovelychkivka
Pobuzke settlement Pobuzke Holovanivsk Holovanivsk
Pomichna urban Pomichna Novoukrainka Dobrovelychkivka
Popelnaste rural Popelnaste Oleksandriia Oleksandriia
Pryiutivka settlement Pryiutivka Oleksandriia Oleksandriia
Rivne rural Rivne Novoukrainka Novoukrainka
Smoline settlement Smoline Novoukrainka Mala Vyska
Sokolivske rural Sokolivske Kropyvnytskyi Kropyvnytskyi
Subottsi rural Subottsi Kropyvnytskyi Znamianka
Svitlovodsk urban Svitlovodsk Oleksandriia Svitlovodsk Municipality
Tyshkivka rural Tyshkivka Novoukrainka Dobrovelychkivka
Ustynivka settlement Ustynivka Kropyvnytskyi Ustynivka
Velyka Andrusivka rural Velyka Andrusivka Oleksandriia Svitlovodsk
Velyka Severynka rural Velyka Severynka Kropyvnytskyi Kropyvnytskyi
Vilshanka settlement Vilshanka Holovanivsk Vilshanka
Zavallia settlement Zavallia Holovanivsk Haivoron
Zlynka rural Zlynka Novoukrainka Mala Vyska
Znamianka urban Znamianka Kropyvnytskyi Znamianka Municipality

Kyiv Oblast

Hromada Type Center Raion Raion before 2020
Baryshivka settlement Baryshivka Brovary Baryshivka
Berezan urban Berezan Brovary city of Berezan
Bila Tserkva urban Bila Tserkva Bila Tserkva city of Bila Tserkva
Bilohorodka rural Bilohorodka Bucha Kyiv-Sviatoshyn
Bohuslav urban Bohuslav Obukhiv Bohuslav
Boiarka urban Boiarka Fastiv Kyiv-Sviatoshyn
Borodianka settlement Borodianka Bucha Borodianka
Borshchahivska rural Sofiivska Borshchahivka Bucha Kyiv-Sviatoshyn
Boryspil urban Boryspil Boryspil city of Boryspil
Brovary urban Brovary Brovary city of Brovary
Bucha urban Bucha Bucha city of Bucha
Byshiv rural Byshiv Fastiv Makariv
Chabany settlement Chabany Fastiv Kyiv-Sviatoshyn
Divychky rural Divychky Boryspil Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi
Dmytrivka rural Dmytrivka Bucha Kyiv-Sviatoshyn
Dymer settlement Dymer Vyshhorod Vyshhorod
Fastiv urban Fastiv Fastiv city of Fastiv
Feodosiivska rural Khodosivka Obukhiv Kyiv-Sviatoshyn
Fursy rural Fursy Bila Tserkva Bila Tserkva
Hatne rural Hatne Fastiv Kyiv-Sviatoshyn
Hlevakha settlement Hlevakha Fastiv Vasylkiv
Hora rural Hora Boryspil Boryspil
Hostomel settlement Hostomel Bucha Irpin Municipality
Hrebinky settlement Hrebinky Bila Tserkva Vasylkiv
Irpin urban Irpin Bucha Irpin Municipality
Ivankiv settlement Ivankiv Vyshhorod Ivankiv
Kaharlyk urban Kaharlyk Obukhiv Kaharlyk
Kalynivka settlement Kalynivka Brovary Brovary
Kalynivka settlement Kalynivka Fastiv Vasylkiv
Kalyta settlement Kalyta Brovary Brovary
Kotsiubynske settlement Kotsiubynske Bucha Irpin Municipality
Kovalivka rural Kovalivka Bila Tserkva Vasylkiv
Kozhanka settlement Kozhanka Fastiv Fastiv
Kozyn settlement Kozyn Obukhiv Obukhiv
Makariv settlement Makariv Bucha Makariv
Mala Vilshanka rural Mala Vilshanka Bila Tserkva Bila Tserkva
Medvyn rural Medvyn Bila Tserkva Bohuslav
Myronivka urban Myronivka Obukhiv Myronivka
Nemishaieve settlement Nemishaieve Bucha Borodianka
Obukhiv urban Obukhiv Obukhiv Obukhiv Municipality
Pereiaslav urban Pereiaslav Boryspil city of Pereiaslav
Petrivtsi rural Novi Petrivtsi Vyshhorod Vyshhorod
Pirnove rural Pirnove Vyshhorod Vyshhorod
Piskivka settlement Piskivka Bucha Borodianka
Poliske settlement Krasiatychi Vyshhorod Poliske
Prystolychna rural Shchaslyve Boryspil Boryspil
Rokytne settlement Rokytne Bila Tserkva Rokytne
Rzhyshchiv urban Rzhyshchiv Obukhiv city of Rzhyshchiv
Skvyra urban Skvyra Bila Tserkva Skvyra
Slavutych urban Slavutych Vyshhorod city of Slavutych
Stavyshche settlement Stavyshche Bila Tserkva Stavyshche
Studenyky rural Studenyky Boryspil Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi
Tarashcha urban Tarashcha Bila Tserkva Tarashcha
Tashan rural Tashan Boryspil Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi
Tetiiv urban Tetiiv Bila Tserkva Tetiiv
Tomashivka rural Tomashivka Fastiv Fastiv
Tsybli rural Tsybli Boryspil Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi
Ukrainka urban Ukrainka Obukhiv Obukhiv
Uzyn urban Uzyn Bila Tserkva Bila Tserkva
Vasylkiv urban Vasylkiv Obukhiv Vasylkiv and city of Vasylkiv
Velyka Dymerka settlement Velyka Dymerka Brovary Brovary
Volodarka settlement Volodarka Bila Tserkva Volodarka
Voronkiv rural Voronkiv Boryspil Boryspil
Vyshhorod urban Vyshhorod Vyshhorod Vyshhorod
Vyshneve urban Vyshneve Bucha Kyiv-Sviatoshyn
Yahotyn urban Yahotyn Boryspil Yahotyn
Zazymia rural Zazymia Brovary Brovary
Zghurivka settlement Zghurivka Brovary Zghurivka
Zolochiv rural Hnidyn Boryspil Boryspil

Luhansk Oblast

Hromada Type Center Raion Raion before 2020
Luhansk urban Luhansk Luhansk
Antratsyt urban Antratsyt Rovenky
Alchevsk urban Alchevsk Alchevsk
Molodohvardiisk urban Molodohvardiisk Luhansk
Sorokyne urban Sorokyne Dovzhansk
Khrustalnyi urban Khrustalnyi Rovenky
Lysychansk urban Lysychansk Sievierodonetsk
Rovenky urban Rovenky Rovenky
Rubizhne urban Rubizhne Sievierodonetsk
Dovzhansk urban Dovzhansk Dovzhansk
Sievierodonetsk urban Sievierodonetsk Sievierodonetsk
Kadiivka urban Kadiivka Alchevsk
Bilovodsk settlement Bilovodsk Starobilsk
Bilokurakyne settlement Bilokurakyne Svatove
Lozno-Oleksandrivka settlement Lozno-Oleksandrivka Svatove
Kreminna urban Kreminna Sievierodonetsk
Krasnorichenske settlement Krasnorichenske Svatove
Lutuhyne urban Lutuhyne Luhansk
Markivka settlement Markivka Starobilsk
Milove settlement Milove Starobilsk
Shchastia urban Shchastia Shchastia
Novoaidar settlement Novoaidar Shchastia
Bilolutsk settlement Bilolutsk Starobilsk
Novopskov settlement Novopskov Starobilsk
Hirske urban Hirske Sievierodonetsk
Popasna urban Popasna Sievierodonetsk
Svatove urban Svatove Svatove
Nyzhnia Duvanka settlement Nyzhnia Duvanka Svatove
Kolomyichykha rural Kolomyichykha Svatove
Zymohiria urban Zymohiria Alchevsk
Stanytsia Luhanska settlement Stanytsia Luhanska Shchastia
Nyzhnioteple rural Nyzhnioteple Shchastia
Shyrokyi rural Shyrokyi Shchastia
Starobilsk urban Starobilsk Starobilsk
Chmyrivka rural Chmyrivka Starobilsk
Shulhynka rural Shulhynka Starobilsk
Troitske settlement Troitske Svatove

Lviv Oblast

Hromada Type Center Raion Raion before 2020
Belz urban Belz Chervonohrad Sokal
Bibrka urban Bibrka Lviv Peremyshliany
Biskovychi rural Biskovychi Sambir Sambir
Borynia settlement Borynia Sambir Turka
Boryslav urban Boryslav Drohobych Boryslav Municipality
Brody urban Brody Zolochiv Brody
Busk urban Busk Zolochiv Busk
Chervonohrad urban Chervonohrad Chervonohrad Chervonohrad Municipality
Davydiv rural Davydiv Lviv Pustomyty
Dobromyl urban Dobromyl Sambir Staryi Sambir
Dobrosyn-Maheriv rural Maheriv Lviv Zhovkva
Dobrotvir settlement Dobrotvir Chervonohrad Kamianka-Buzka
Drohobych urban Drohobych Drohobych Drohobych Municipality
Hlyniany urban Hlyniany Lviv Zolochiv
Hnizdychiv settlement Hnizdychiv Stryi Zhydachiv
Horodok urban Horodok Lviv Horodok
Hrabovets-Duliby rural Duliby Stryi Stryi
Ivano-Frankove settlement Ivano-Frankove Yavoriv Yavoriv
Kamianka-Buzka urban Kamianka-Buzka Lviv Kamianka-Buzka
Khodoriv urban Khodoriv Stryi Zhydachiv
Khyriv urban Khyriv Sambir Staryi Sambir
Komarno urban Komarno Lviv Horodok
Kozova rural Kozova Stryi Skole
Krasne settlement Krasne Zolochiv Busk
Kulykiv settlement Kulykiv Lviv Zhovkva
Lopatyn settlement Lopatyn Chervonohrad Radekhiv
Lviv urban Lviv Lviv Lviv Municipality
Medenychi settlement Medenychi Drohobych Drohobych
Morshyn urban Morshyn Stryi city of Morshyn
Mostyska urban Mostyska Yavoriv Mostyska
Murovane rural Murovane Lviv Pustomyty
Mykolaiv urban Mykolaiv Stryi Mykolaiv
Novoiavorivsk urban Novoiavorivsk Yavoriv Yavoriv
Novyi Kalyniv urban Novyi Kalyniv Sambir Sambir
Novyi Rozdil urban Novyi Rozdil Stryi city of Novyi Rozdil
Obroshyne rural Obroshyne Lviv Pustomyty
Peremyshliany urban Peremyshliany Lviv Peremyshliany
Pidberiztsi rural Pidberiztsi Lviv Pustomyty
Pidkamin settlement Pidkamin Zolochiv Brody
Pomoriany settlement Pomoriany Zolochiv Zolochiv
Pustomyty urban Pustomyty Lviv Pustomyty
Radekhiv urban Radekhiv Chervonohrad Radekhiv
Ralivka rural Ralivka Sambir Sambir
Rava-Ruska urban Rava-Ruska Lviv Zhovkva
Rozvadiv rural Rozvadiv Stryi Mykolaiv
Rudky urban Rudky Sambir Sambir
Sambir urban Sambir Sambir city of Sambir
Shchyrets settlement Shchyrets Lviv Pustomyty
Shehyni rural Shehyni Yavoriv Mostyska
Skhidnytsia settlement Skhidnytsia Drohobych Boryslav Municipality
Skole urban Skole Stryi Skole
Slavske settlement Slavske Stryi Skole
Sokal urban Sokal Chervonohrad Sokal
Sokilnyky rural Sokilnyky Lviv Pustomyty
Solonka rural Solonka Lviv Pustomyty
Staryi Sambir urban Staryi Sambir Sambir Staryi Sambir
Strilky rural Strilky Sambir Staryi Sambir
Stryi urban Stryi Stryi city of Stryi
Sudova Vyshnia urban Sudova Vyshnia Yavoriv Mostyska
Trostianets rural Trostianets Stryi Mykolaiv
Truskavets urban Truskavets Drohobych city of Truskavets
Turka urban Turka Sambir Turka
Velyki Mosty urban Velyki Mosty Chervonohrad Sokal
Velykyi Liubin settlement Velykyi Liubin Lviv Horodok
Yarychiv settlement Novyi Yarychiv Lviv Kamianka-Buzka
Yavoriv urban Yavoriv Yavoriv Yavoriv
Zabolottsi rural Zabolottsi Zolochiv Brody
Zhovkva urban Zhovkva Lviv Zhovkva
Zhovtantsi rural Zhovtantsi Lviv Kamianka-Buzka
Zhuravne settlement Zhuravne Stryi Zhydachiv
Zhydachiv urban Zhydachiv Stryi Zhydachiv
Zolochiv urban Zolochiv Zolochiv Zolochiv
Zymna Voda rural Zymna Voda Lviv Pustomyty

Mykolaiv Oblast

Hromada Type Center Raion Raion before 2020
Arbuzynka settlement Arbuzynka Pervomaisk Arbuzynka
Bashtanka urban Bashtanka Bashtanka Bashtanka
Berezanka settlement Berezanka Mykolaiv Berezanka
Bereznehuvate settlement Bereznehuvate Bashtanka Bereznehuvate
Blahodatne rural Blahodatne Pervomaisk Arbuzynka
Bratske settlement Bratske Voznesensk Bratske
Buzke rural Buzke Voznesensk Voznesensk
Chornomorka rural Chornomorka Mykolaiv Ochakiv
Domanivka settlement Domanivka Voznesensk Domanivka
Doroshivka rural Doroshivka Voznesensk Voznesensk
Halytsynove rural Halytsynove Mykolaiv Vitovka
Horokhivske rural Horokhivske Bashtanka Snihurivka
Inhulka rural Inhulka Bashtanka Bashtanka
Kamianyi Mist rural Kamianyi Mist Pervomaisk Pervomaisk
Kazanka settlement Kazanka Bashtanka Kazanka
Kobleve rural Kobleve Mykolaiv Berezanka
Kostiantynivka rural Kostiantynivka Mykolaiv Nova Odesa
Kryve Ozero settlement Kryve Ozero Pervomaisk Kryve Ozero
Kutsurub rural Kutsurub Mykolaiv Ochakiv
Mishkovo-Pohorilove rural Mishkovo-Pohorilove Mykolaiv Vitovka
Mostove rural Mostove Voznesensk Domanivka
Myhiia rural Myhiia Pervomaisk Pervomaisk
Mykolaiv urban Mykolaiv Mykolaiv City of Mykolaiv
Nechaiane rural Nechaiane Mykolaiv Mykolaiv
Nova Odesa urban Nova Odesa Mykolaiv Nova Odesa
Novomaryivka rural Novomaryivka Voznesensk Bratske
Novyi Buh urban Novyi Buh Bashtanka Novyi Buh
Ochakiv urban Ochakiv Mykolaiv City of Ochakiv
Oleksandrivka settlement Oleksandrivka Voznesensk Voznesensk
Olshanske settlement Olshanske Mykolaiv Mykolaiv
Pervomaisk urban Pervomaisk Pervomaisk City of Pervomaisk
Pervomaiske settlement Pervomaiske Mykolaiv Vitovka
Prybuzhany rural Prybuzhany Voznesensk Voznesensk
Prybuzhzhia rural Prybuzhzhia Voznesensk Domanivka
Pryvilne rural Pryvilne Bashtanka Bashtanka
Radsadivska rural Radisny Sad Mykolaiv Mykolaiv
Shevchenkove rural Shevchenkove Mykolaiv Vitovka
Shyroke rural Shyroke Bashtanka Snihurivka
Snihurivka urban Snihurivka Bashtanka Snihurivka
Sofiivka rural Sofiivka Bashtanka Novyi Buh
Stepove rural Stepove Mykolaiv Mykolaiv
Sukhyi Yelanets rural Sukhyi Yelanets Mykolaiv Nova Odesa
Syniukhyn Brid rural Syniukhyn Brid Pervomaisk Pervomaisk
Veselynove settlement Veselynove Voznesensk Veselynove
Vesniane rural Vesniane Mykolaiv Mykolaiv
Vilne Zaporizhzhia rural Vilne Zaporizhzhia Bashtanka Novyi Buh
Volodymyrivka rural Volodymyrivka Bashtanka Kazanka
Voskresenske settlement Voskresenske Mykolaiv Vitovka
Voznesensk urban Voznesensk Voznesensk City of Voznesensk
Vradiivka settlement Vradiivka Pervomaisk Vradiivka
Yelanets settlement Yelanets Voznesensk Yelanets
Yuzhnoukrainsk urban Yuzhnoukrainsk Voznesensk City of Yuzhnoukrainsk

Odesa Oblast

Hromada Type Center Raion Raion before 2020
Odesa urban Odesa Odesa
Balta urban Balta Podilsk
Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi urban Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi
Serhiivka settlement Serhiivka Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi
Biliaivka urban Biliaivka Odesa
Izmail urban Izmail Izmail
Chornomorsk urban Chornomorsk Odesa
Podilsk urban Podilsk Podilsk
Teplodar urban Teplodar Odesa
Yuzhne urban Yuzhne Odesa
Ananiv urban Ananiv Podilsk
Dolynske rural Dolynske Podilsk
Artsyz urban Artsyz Bolhrad
Pavlivka rural Pavlivka Bolhrad
Teplytsia rural Teplytsia Bolhrad
Pishchana rural Pishchana Podilsk
Marazliivka rural Marazliivka Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi
Moloha rural Moloha Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi
Starokozache rural Starokozache Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi
Shabo rural Shabo Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi
Velyky Dalnyk rural Velyky Dalnyk Odesa
Vyhoda rural Vyhoda Odesa
Dachne rural Dachne Odesa
Maiaky rural Maiaky Odesa
Nerubayske rural Nerubayske Odesa
Usatove rural Usatove Odesa
Yasky rural Yasky Odesa
Berezivka urban Berezivka Berezivka
Raukhivka settlement Raukhivka Berezivka
Novokalcheve rural Novokalcheve Berezivka
Rozkvit rural Rozkvit Berezivka
Bolhrad urban Bolhrad Bolhrad
Vasylivka rural Vasylivka Bolhrad
Horodnie rural Horodnie Bolhrad
Krynychne rural Krynychne Bolhrad
Kubey rural Kubey Bolhrad
Velyka Mykhailivka settlement Velyka Mykhailivka Rozdilna
Tsebrykove settlement Tsebrykove Rozdilna
Velykoploske rural Velykoploske Rozdilna
Novoborysivka rural Novoborysivka Rozdilna
Ivanivka settlement Ivanivka Berezivka
Velykyi Buialyk rural Velykyi Buialyk Berezivka
Znamianka rural Znamianka Berezivka
Konopliane rural Konopliane Berezivka
Suvorove settlement Suvorove Izmail
Safiany rural Safiany Izmail
Vylkove urban Vylkove Izmail
Kiliia urban Kiliia Izmail
Kodyma urban Kodyma Podilsk
Slobidka settlement Slobidka Podilsk
Dobroslav settlement Dobroslav Odesa
Chornomorske settlement Chornomorske Odesa
Vyzyrka rural Vyzyrka Odesa
Krasnosilka rural Krasnosilka Odesa
Kurisove rural Kurisove Berezivka
Fontanka rural Fontanka Odesa
Kuialnyk rural Kuialnyk Podilsk
Okny settlement Okny Podilsk
Zelenohirske settlement Zelenohirske
Liubashivka settlement Liubashivka Podilsk
Mykolaivka settlement Mykolaivka Berezivka
Andriievo-Ivanivka rural Andriievo-Ivanivka Berezivka
Strukove rural Strukove Berezivka
Avanhard settlement Avanhard Odesa
Velykodolynske settlement Velykodolynske Odesa
Ovidiopol settlement Ovidiopol Odesa
Tairove settlement Tairove Odesa
Dalnyk rural Dalnyk Odesa
Karolino-Buhaz rural Karolino-Buhaz Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi
Rozdilna urban Rozdilna Rozdilna
Lymanske settlement Lymanske Rozdilna
Stepanivka rural Stepanivka Rozdilna
Reni urban Reni Izmail
Savran settlement Savran Podilsk
Sarata settlement Sarata Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi
Kulevcha rural Kulevcha Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi
Petropavlivka rural Petropavlivka Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi
Plakhtiivka rural Plakhtiivka Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi
Uspenivka rural Uspenivka Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi
Borodino settlement Borodino Bolhrad
Tarutyne settlement Tarutyne Bolhrad
Tatarbunary urban Tatarbunary Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi
Dyviziia rural Dyviziia Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi
Lyman rural Lyman Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi
Tuzly rural Tuzly Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi
Zatyshshia settlement Zatyshshia Rozdilna
Zakharivka settlement Zakharivka Rozdilna
Shyriaieve settlement Shyriaieve Berezivka
Petrovirivka rural Petrovirivka Berezivka
Stari Maiaky rural Stari Maiaky Berezivka
Chohodarivka rural Chohodarivka Berezivka

Poltava Oblast

Hromada Type Center Raion Raion before 2020
Poltava urban Poltava Poltava
Horishni Plavni urban Horishni Plavni Kremenchuk
Hadiach urban Hadiach Myrhorod
Kremenchuk urban Kremenchuk Kremenchuk
Lubny urban Lubny Lubny
Myrhorod urban Myrhorod Myrhorod
Velyka Bahachka settlement Velyka Bahachka Myrhorod
Hoholeve settlement Hoholeve Myrhorod
Bilotserkivka rural Bilotserkivka Myrhorod
Velyki Budyshcha rural Velyki Budyshcha Myrhorod
Krasna Luka rural Krasna Luka Myrhorod
Liutenka rural Liutenka Myrhorod
Petrivka-Romenska rural Petrivka-Romenska Myrhorod
Serhiivka rural Serhiivka Myrhorod
Hlobyne urban Hlobyne Kremenchuk
Hradyzk settlement Hradyzk Kremenchuk
Hrebinka urban Hrebinka Lubny
Dykanka settlement Dykanka Poltava
Zinkiv urban Zinkiv Poltava
Opishnia settlement Opishnia Poltava
Karlivka urban Karlivka Poltava
Lanna rural Lanna Poltava
Martynivka rural Martynivka Poltava
Kobeliaky urban Kobeliaky Poltava
Bilyky settlement Bilyky Poltava
Kozelshchyna settlement Kozelshchyna Kremenchuk
Nova Haleshchyna settlement Nova Haleshchyna Kremenchuk
Kotelva settlement Kotelva Poltava
Velyka Rublivka rural Velyka Rublivka Poltava
Kamiani Potoky rural Kamiani Potoky Kremenchuk
Omelnyk rural Omelnyk Kremenchuk
Pishchane rural Pishchane Kremenchuk
Pryshyb rural Pryshyb Kremenchuk
Zavodske urban Zavodske Myrhorod
Lokhvytsia urban Lokhvytsia Myrhorod
Sencha rural Sencha Myrhorod
Mashivka settlement Mashivka Poltava
Mykhailivka rural Mykhailivka Poltava
Komyshnia settlement Komyshnia Myrhorod
Romodan settlement Romodan Myrhorod
Velyki Sorochyntsi rural Velyki Sorochyntsi Myrhorod
Novi Sanzhary settlement Novi Sanzhary Poltava
Drabynivka rural Drabynivka Poltava
Nekhvoroshcha rural Nekhvoroshcha Poltava
Novoorzhytske settlement Novoorzhytske Lubny
Orzhytsia settlement Orzhytsia Lubny
Pyriatyn urban Pyriatyn Lubny
Kolomatske rural Kolomatske Poltava
Machukhy rural Machukhy Poltava
Novoselivka rural Novoselivka Poltava
Tereshky rural Tereshky Poltava
Shcherbani rural Shcherbani Poltava
Reshetylivka urban Reshetylivka Poltava
Semenivka settlement Semenivka Kremenchuk
Obolon rural Obolon Kremenchuk
Khorol urban Khorol Lubny
Chornukhy settlement Chornukhy Lubny
Skorokhodove settlement Skorokhodove Poltava
Chutove settlement Chutove Poltava
Shyshaky settlement Shyshaky Myrhorod

Rivne Oblast

Hromada Type Center Raion Raion before 2020
Rivne urban Rivne Rivne
Dubno urban Dubno Dubno
Varash urban Varash Varash
Ostroh urban Ostroh Rivne
Berezne urban Berezne Rivne
Sosnove settlement Sosnove Rivne
Malynsk rural Malynsk Rivne
Volodymyrets settlement Volodymyrets Varash
Rafalivka settlement Rafalivka Varash
Antonivka rural Antonivka Varash
Kanonychi rural Kanonychi Varash
Polytsi rural Polytsi Varash
Hoshcha settlement Hoshcha Rivne
Babyn rural Babyn Rivne
Buhryn rural Buhryn Rivne
Demydivka settlement Demydivka Dubno
Boremel rural Boremel Dubno
Smyha settlement Smyha Dubno
Varkovychi rural Varkovychi Dubno
Verba rural Verba Dubno
Myrohoshcha Druha rural Myrohoshcha Druha Dubno
Povcha rural Povcha Dubno
Pryvilne rural Pryvilne Dubno
Semyduby rural Semyduby Dubno
Tarakaniv rural Tarakaniv Dubno
Dubrovytsia urban Dubrovytsia Sarny
Vysotsk rural Vysotsk Sarny
Myliach rural Myliach Sarny
Zarichne settlement Zarichne Varash
Loknytsia rural Loknytsia Varash
Zdolbuniv urban Zdolbuniv Rivne
Mizoch settlement Mizoch Rivne
Zdovbytsia rural Zdovbytsia Rivne
Korets urban Korets Rivne
Velyki Mezhyrichi rural Velyki Mezhyrichi Rivne
Kostopil urban Kostopil Rivne
Holovyn rural Holovyn Rivne
Derazhne rural Derazhne Rivne
Mala Liubasha rural Mala Liubasha Rivne
Mlyniv settlement Mlyniv Dubno
Bokiima rural Bokiima Dubno
Ostrozhets rural Ostrozhets Dubno
Pidloztsi rural Pidloztsi Dubno
Yaroslavychi rural Yaroslavychi Dubno
Klevan settlement Klevan Rivne
Bila Krynytsia rural Bila Krynytsia Rivne
Velyka Omeliana rural Velyka Omeliana Rivne
Horodok rural Horodok Rivne
Diadkovychi rural Diadkovychi Rivne
Zoria rural Zoria Rivne
Kornyn rural Kornyn Rivne
Oleksandriia rural Oleksandriia Rivne
Shpaniv rural Shpaniv Rivne
Rokytne settlement Rokytne Sarny
Berezove rural Berezove Sarny
Stare Selo rural Stare Selo Sarny
Sarny urban Sarny Sarny
Klesiv settlement Klesiv Sarny
Stepan settlement Stepan Sarny
Vyry rural Vyry Sarny
Nemovychi rural Nemovychi Sarny
Radyvyliv urban Radyvyliv Dubno
Kozyn rural Kozyn Dubno
Krupets rural Krupets Dubno

Sumy Oblast

Hromada Type Center Raion Raion before 2020
Sumy urban Sumy Sumy
Okhtyrka urban Okhtyrka Okhtyrka
Hlukhiv urban Hlukhiv Shostka
Konotop urban Konotop Konotop
Lebedyn urban Lebedyn Sumy
Romny urban Romny Romny
Shostka urban Shostka Shostka
Chupakhivka settlement Chupakhivka Okhtyrka
Hrun rural Hrun Okhtyrka
Komyshi rural Komyshi Okhtyrka
Chernechchyna rural Chernechchyna Okhtyrka
Bilopillia urban Bilopillia Sumy
Vorozhba urban Vorozhba Sumy
Mykolaivka settlement Mykolaivka Sumy
Richky rural Richky Sumy
Buryn urban Buryn Konotop
Velyka Pysarivka settlement Velyka Pysarivka Okhtyrka
Kyrykivka settlement Kyrykivka Okhtyrka
Esman settlement Esman Shostka
Shalyhyne settlement Shalyhyne Shostka
Bereza rural Bereza Shostka
Duboviazivka settlement Duboviazivka Konotop
Bochechky rural Bochechky Konotop
Popivka rural Popivka Konotop
Krasnopillia settlement Krasnopillia Sumy
Myropillia rural Myropillia Sumy
Krolevets urban Krolevets Konotop
Lypova Dolyna settlement Lypova Dolyna Romny
Synivka rural Synivka Romny
Nedryhailiv settlement Nedryhailiv Romny
Vilshana rural Vilshana Romny
Korovyntsi rural Korovyntsi Romny
Putyvl urban Putyvl Konotop
Nova Sloboda rural Nova Sloboda Konotop
Andriiashivka rural Andriiashivka Romny
Khmeliv rural Khmeliv Romny
Seredyna-Buda urban Seredyna-Buda Shostka
Znob-Novhorodske settlement Znob-Novhorodske Shostka
Stepanivka settlement Stepanivka Sumy
Khotin settlement Khotin Sumy
Bezdryk rural Bezdryk Sumy
Verkhnia Syrovatka rural Verkhnia Syrovatka Sumy
Myrolaiivka rural Myrolaiivka Sumy
Nyzhnia Syrovatka rural Nyzhnia Syrovatka Sumy
Sad rural Sad Sumy
Yunakivka rural Yunakivka Sumy
Trostianets urban Trostianets Okhtyrka
Boromlia rural Boromlia Okhtyrka
Druzhba urban Druzhba Shostka
Svesa settlement Svesa Shostka
Yampil settlement Yampil Shostka

Ternopil Oblast

Hromada Type Center Raion Raion before 2020
Baykivtsi rural Baykivtsi Ternopil Ternopil
Berezhany urban Berezhany Ternopil Berezhany
Berezhany Municipality
Bila rural Bila Ternopil Ternopil
Bilche-Zolote rural Bilche-Zolote Chortkiv Borshchiv
Bilobozhnytsia rural Bilobozhnytsia Chortkiv Chortkiv
Borshchiv urban Borshchiv Chortkiv Borshchiv
Borsuky rural Borsuky Kremenets Lanivtsi
Buchach urban Buchach Chortkiv Buchach
Chortkiv urban Chortkiv Chortkiv Chortkiv
city of Chortkiv
Hrymailiv settlement Hrymailiv Chortkiv Husiatyn
Husiatyn settlement Husiatyn Chortkiv Husiatyn
Ivane-Puste rural Ivane-Puste Chortkiv Borshchiv
Ivanivka rural Ivanivka Ternopil Terebovlia
Khorostkiv urban Khorostkiv Chortkiv Husiatyn
Kolyndiany rural Kolyndiany Chortkiv Chortkiv
Kopychyntsi urban Kopychyntsi Chortkiv Husiatyn
Koropets settlement Koropets Chortkiv Monastyryska
Kozliv settlement Kozliv Ternopil Kozova
Kozova settlement Kozova Ternopil Kozova
Kremenets urban Kremenets Kremenets Kremenets
city of Kremenets
Kupchyntsi rural Kupchyntsi Ternopil Kozova
Lanivtsi urban Lanivtsi Kremenets Lanivtsi
Lopushne rural Lopushne Kremenets Kremenets
Melnytsia-Podilska settlement Melnytsia-Podilska Chortkiv Borshchiv
Monastyryska urban Monastyryska Chortkiv Monastyryska
Mykulyntsi settlement Mykulyntsi Ternopil Terebovlia
Nahirianka rural Nahirianka Chortkiv Chortkiv
Naraiv rural Naraiv Ternopil Berezhany
Ozerna rural Ozerna Ternopil Zboriv
Pidhaitsi urban Pidhaitsi Ternopil Pidhaitsi
Pidhorodne rural Pidhorodne Ternopil Ternopil
Pidvolochysk settlement Pidvolochysk Ternopil Pidvolochysk
Pochaiv urban Pochaiv Kremenets Kremenets
Saranchuky rural Saranchuky Ternopil Berezhany
Shumsk urban Shumsk Kremenets Shumsk
Skala-Podilska settlement Skala-Podilska Chortkiv Borshchiv
Skalat urban Skalat Ternopil Pidvolochysk
Skoryky rural Skoryky Ternopil Pidvolochysk
Terebovlia urban Terebovlia Ternopil Terebovlia
Ternopil urban Ternopil Ternopil city of Ternopil
Tovste settlement Tovste Chortkiv Zalishchyky
Trybukhivtsi rural Trybukhivtsi Chortkiv Buchach
Vasylkivtsi rural Vasylkivtsi Chortkiv Husiatyn
Velyka Berezovytsia settlement Velyka Berezovytsia Ternopil Ternopil
Velyki Birky settlement Velyki Birky Ternopil Ternopil
Velyki Dederkaly rural Velyki Dederkaly Kremenets Shumsk
Velyki Hai rural Velyki Hai Ternopil Ternopil
Vyshnivets settlement Vyshnivets Kremenets Zbarazh
Zalishchyky urban Zalishchyky Chortkiv Zalishchyky
Zaliztsi settlement Zaliztsi Ternopil Zboriv
Zavodske settlement Zavodske Chortkiv Chortkiv
Zbarazh urban Zbarazh Ternopil Zbarazh
Zboriv urban Zboriv Ternopil Zboriv
Zolotnyky rural Zolotnyky Ternopil Terebovlia
Zolotyi Potik settlement Zolotyi Potik Chortkiv Buchach

Vinnytsia Oblast

Hromada Type Center Raion Raion before 2020
Vinnytsia urban Vinnytsia Vinnytsia
Zhmerynka urban Zhmerynka Zhmerynka
Mohyliv-Podilskyi urban Mohyliv-Podilskyi Mohyliv-Podilskyi
Koziatyn urban Koziatyn Khmilnyk
Ladyzhyn urban Ladyzhyn Haisyn
Khmilnyk urban Khmilnyk Khmilnyk
Bar urban Bar Zhmerynka
Kopayhorod settlement Kopayhorod Zhmerynka
Bershad urban Bershad Haisyn
Dzhulynka rural Dzhulynka Haisyn
Voronovytsia settlement Voronovytsia Vinnytsia
Stryzhavka settlement Stryzhavka Vinnytsia
Ahronomichne rural Ahronomichne Vinnytsia
Luka-Meleshivska rural Luka-Meleshivska Vinnytsia
Yakushyntsi rural Yakushyntsi Vinnytsia
Haisyn urban Haisyn Haisyn
Krasnopilka rural Krasnopilka Haisyn
Kunka rural Kunka Haisyn
Severynivka rural Severynivka Zhmerynka
Stanislavchyk rural Stanislavchyk Zhmerynka
Illintsi urban Illintsi Vinnytsia
Dashiv settlement Dashiv Haisyn
Hlukhivtsi settlement Hlukhivtsi Khmilnyk
Makhnivka rural Makhnivka Khmilnyk
Samhorodok rural Samhorodok Khmilnyk
Kalynivka urban Kalynivka Khmilnyk
Ivaniv rural Ivaniv Khmilnyk
Kryzhopil settlement Kryzhopil Tulchyn
Horodkivka rural Horodkivka Tulchyn
Lypovets urban Lypovets Vinnytsia
Turbiv settlement Turbiv Vinnytsia
Lityn settlement Lityn Vinnytsia
Vendychany settlement Vendychany Mohyliv-Podilskyi
Yaryshiv rural Yaryshiv Mohyliv-Podilskyi
Murovani Kurylivtsi settlement Murovani Kurylivtsi Mohyliv-Podilskyi
Nemyriv urban Nemyriv Vinnytsia
Bratslav settlement Bratslav Tulchyn
Rayhorod rural Rayhorod Haisyn
Orativ settlement Orativ Vinnytsia
Pishchanka settlement Pishchanka Tulchyn
Studena rural Studena Tulchyn
Pohrebyshche urban Pohrebyshche Vinnytsia
Teplyk settlement Teplyk Haisyn
Sobolivka rural Sobolivka Haisyn
Vapniarka settlement Vapniarka Tulchyn
Tomashpil settlement Tomashpil Tulchyn
Trostianets settlement Trostianets Haisyn
Obodivka rural Obodivka Haisyn
Tulchyn urban Tulchyn Tulchyn
Shpykiv settlement Shpykiv Tulchyn
Hnivan urban Hnivan Vinnytsia
Sutysky settlement Sutysky Vinnytsia
Tyvriv settlement Tyvriv Vinnytsia
Zhdaniv rural Viitivtsi Khmilnyk
Ulaniv rural Ulaniv Khmilnyk
Chernivtsi settlement Chernivtsi Mohyliv-Podilskyi
Babchyntsi rural Babchyntsi Mohyliv-Podilskyi
Chechelnyk settlement Chechelnyk Haisyn
Olhopil rural Olhopil Haisyn
Sharhorod urban Sharhorod Zhmerynka
Dzhuryn rural Dzhuryn Zhmerynka
Murafa rural Murafa Zhmerynka
Yampil urban Yampil Mohyliv-Podilskyi

Volyn Oblast

Hromada Type Center Raion Raion before 2020
Lutsk urban Lutsk Lutsk
Volodymyr-Volynskyi urban Volodymyr-Volynskyi Volodymyr
Kovel urban Kovel Kovel
Novovolynsk urban Novovolynsk Volodymyr
Ustyluh urban Ustyluh Volodymyr
Zymne rural Zymne Volodymyr
Ovadne rural Ovadne Volodymyr
Berestechko urban Berestechko Lutsk
Horokhiv urban Horokhiv Lutsk
Marianivka settlement Marianivka Lutsk
Ivanychi settlement Ivanychi Volodymyr
Lytovezh rural Lytovezh Volodymyr
Pavlivka rural Pavlivka Volodymyr
Poromiv rural Poromiv Volodymyr
Kamin-Kashyrskyi urban Kamin-Kashyrskyi Kamin-Kashyrskyi
Soshychne rural Soshychne Kamin-Kashyrskyi
Kivertsi urban Kivertsi Lutsk
Olyka settlement Olyka Lutsk
Tsuman settlement Tsuman Lutsk
Holoby settlement Holoby Kovel
Liublynets settlement Liublynets Kovel
Velytsk rural Velytsk Kovel
Dubove rural Dubove Kovel
Kolodiazhne rural Kolodiazhne Kovel
Povorsk rural Povorsk Kovel
Lokachi settlement Lokachi Volodymyr
Zaturtsi rural Zaturtsi Volodymyr
Torchyn settlement Torchyn Lutsk
Boratyn rural Boratyn Lutsk
Horodyshche rural Horodyshche Lutsk
Pidhaitsi rural Pidhaitsi Lutsk
Liubeshiv settlement Liubeshiv Kamin-Kashyrskyi
Liuboml urban Liuboml Kovel
Holovne settlement Holovne Kovel
Vyshniv rural Vyshniv Kovel
Rivne rural Rivne Kovel
Kolky settlement Kolky Lutsk
Manevychi settlement Manevychi Kamin-Kashyrskyi
Prylisne rural Prylisne Kamin-Kashyrskyi
Zabolottia settlement Zabolottia Kovel
Ratne settlement Ratne Kovel
Velymche rural Velymche Kovel
Zabrody rural Zabrody Kovel
Samary rural Samary Kovel
Rozhyshche urban Rozhyshche Lutsk
Dorosyni rural Dorosyni Lutsk
Kopachivka rural Kopachivka Lutsk
Stara Vyzhivka settlement Stara Vyzhivka Kovel
Dubechne rural Dubechne Kovel
Serekhovychi rural Serekhovychi Kovel
Smidyn rural Smidyn Kovel
Lukiv settlement Lukiv Kovel
Turiisk settlement Turiisk Kovel
Shatsk settlement Shatsk Kovel

Zakarpattia Oblast

Hromada Type Center Raion Raion before 2020
Uzhhorod urban Uzhhorod Uzhhorod
Berehove urban Berehove Berehove
Mukachevo urban Mukachevo Mukachevo
Khust urban Khust Khust
Chop urban Chop Uzhhorod
Batiovo settlement Batiovo Berehove
Velyki Berehy rural Velyki Berehy Berehove
Velyka Bihan rural Velyka Bihan Berehove
Koson rural Koson Berehove
Velykyi Bereznyi settlement Velykyi Bereznyi Uzhhorod
Kostryna rural Kostryna Uzhhorod
Stavne rural Stavne Uzhhorod
Vynohradiv urban Vynohradiv Berehove
Vylok settlement Vylok Berehove
Korolevo settlement Korolevo Berehove
Pyiterfolvo rural Pyiterfolvo Berehove
Volovets settlement Volovets Mukachevo
Zhdeniievo settlement Zhdeniievo Mukachevo
Nyzhni Vorota rural Nyzhni Vorota Mukachevo
Irshava urban Irshava Khust
Bilky rural Bilky Khust
Dovhe rural Dovhe Khust
Zarichia rural Zarichia Khust
Kamianske rural Kamianske Berehove
Mizhhiria settlement Mizhhiria Khust
Kolochava rural Kolochava Khust
Pylypets rural Pylypets Khust
Synevyr rural Synevyr Khust
Kolchyno settlement Kolchyno Mukachevo
Chynadiieve settlement Chynadiieve Mukachevo
Velyki Luchky rural Velyki Luchky Mukachevo
Verkhni Koropets rural Verkhni Koropets Mukachevo
Horonda rural Horonda Mukachevo
Ivanivtsi rural Ivanivtsi Mukachevo
Perechyn urban Perechyn Uzhhorod
Dubrynychi rural Dubrynychi Uzhhorod
Turi Remety rural Turi Remety Uzhhorod
Rakhiv urban Rakhiv Rakhiv
Velykyi Bychkiv settlement Velykyi Bychkiv Rakhiv
Yasinia settlement Yasinia Rakhiv
Bohdan rural Bohdan Rakhiv
Svaliava urban Svaliava Mukachevo
Keretsky rural Keretsky Khust
Nelipyno rural Nelipyno Mukachevo
Poliana rural Poliana Mukachevo
Tiachiv urban Tiachiv Tiachiv
Bushtyno settlement Bushtyno Tiachiv
Dubove settlement Dubove Tiachiv
Solotvyno settlement Solotvyno Tiachiv
Teresva settlement Teresva Tiachiv
Ust-Chorna settlement Ust-Chorna Tiachiv
Bedevlia rural Bedevlia Tiachiv
Vilkhivtsi rural Vilkhivtsi Tiachiv
Neresnytsia rural Neresnytsia Tiachiv
Uhlia rural Uhlia Tiachiv
Serednie settlement Serednie Uzhhorod
Baranyntsi rural Baranyntsi Uzhhorod
Velyka Dobron rural Velyka Dobron Uzhhorod
Onokivtsi rural Onokivtsi Uzhhorod
Siurte rural Siurte Uzhhorod
Kholmok rural Kholmok Uzhhorod
Vyshkovo settlement Vyshkovo Khust
Horinchovo rural Horinchovo Khust
Drahovo rural Drahovo Khust

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Hromada Type Center Raion Raion before 2020
Zaporizhzhia urban Zaporizhzhia Zaporizhzhia
Berdiansk urban Berdiansk Berdiansk
Melitopol urban Melitopol Melitopol
Tokmak urban Tokmak Polohy
Enerhodar urban Enerhodar Vasylivka
Kyrylivka settlement Kyrylivka Melitopol
Yakymivka settlement Yakymivka Melitopol
Andriivka settlement Andriivka Berdiansk
Andrivka rural Andrivka Berdiansk
Berestove rural Berestove Berdiansk
Osypenko rural Osypenko Berdiansk
Vasylivka urban Vasylivka Vasylivka
Dniprorudne urban Dniprorudne Vasylivka
Stepnohirsk settlement Stepnohirsk Vasylivka
Mala Bilizerka rural Mala Bilizerka Vasylivka
Velyka Bilozerka rural Velyka Bilozerka Vasylivka
Vesele settlement Vesele Melitopol
Novouspenivka rural Novouspenivka Melitopol
Chkalove rural Chkalove Melitopol
Vilniansk urban Vilniansk Zaporizhzhia
Matviivka rural Matviivka Zaporizhzhia
Mykhailivka rural Mykhailivka Zaporizhzhia
Mykhailo-Lukasheve rural Mykhailo-Lukasheve Zaporizhzhia
Pavlivske rural Pavlivske Zaporizhzhia
Petro-Mykhailivka rural Petro-Mykhailivka Zaporizhzhia
Huliaipole urban Huliaipole Polohy
Vozdvyzhivka rural Vozdvyzhivka Polohy
Malynivka rural Malynivka Polohy
Kushuhum settlement Kushuhum Zaporizhzhia
Bilenke rural Bilenke Zaporizhzhia
Dolynske rural Dolynske Zaporizhzhia
Novooleksandrivka rural Novooleksandrivka Zaporizhzhia
Stepne rural Stepne Zaporizhzhia
Shyroke rural Shyroke Zaporizhzhia
Kamianka-Dniprovska urban Kamianka-Dniprovska Vasylivka
Blahovishchenka rural Blahovishchenka Vasylivka
Vodiane rural Vodiane Vasylivka
Bilmak settlement Bilmak Polohy
Komysh-Zora settlement Komysh-Zora Polohy
Smyrnove rural Smyrnove Polohy
Myrne settlement Myrne Melitopol
Kostiantynivka rural Kostiantynivka Melitopol
Nove rural Nove Melitopol
Novobohdanivka rural Novobohdanivka Melitopol
Semenivka rural Semenivka Melitopol
Terpinnia rural Terpinnia Melitopol
Mykhailivka settlement Mykhailivka Vasylivka
Plodorodne rural Plodorodne Melitopol
Rozdol rural Rozdol Vasylivka
Novomykolaivka settlement Novomykolaivka Zaporizhzhia
Ternuvate settlement Ternuvate Zaporizhzhia
Orikhiv urban Orikhiv Polohy
Komyshuvakha settlement Komyshuvakha Zaporizhzhia
Mala Tokmachka rural Mala Tokmachka Polohy
Preobrazhenka rural Preobrazhenka Polohy
Tavriiske rural Tavriiske Zaporizhzhia
Polohy urban Polohy Polohy
Voskresenka rural Voskresenka Polohy
Fedorivka rural Fedorivka Polohy
Novovasylivka settlement Novovasylivka Melitopol
Pryazovske settlement Pryazovske Melitopol
Oleksandrivka rural Oleksandrivka Melitopol
Prymorsk urban Prymorsk Berdiansk
Kolariv rural Bolharka Berdiansk
Rozivka settlement Rozivka Polohy
Molochansk urban Molochansk Polohy
Chernihivka settlement Chernihivka Berdiansk

Zhytomyr Oblast

Hromada Type Center Raion Raion before 2020
Zhytomyr urban Zhytomyr Zhytomyr
Berdychiv urban Berdychiv Berdychiv
Korosten urban Korosten Korosten
Malyn urban Malyn Korosten
Novohrad-Volynskyi urban Novohrad-Volynskyi Novohrad-Volynskyi
Andrushivka urban Andrushivka Berdychiv
Chervone settlement Chervone Berdychiv
Volytsia rural Volytsia Zhytomyr
Baranivka urban Baranivka Novohrad-Volynskyi
Dovbysh settlement Dovbysh Novohrad-Volynskyi
Dubrivka rural Dubrivka Novohrad-Volynskyi
Hryshkivtsi settlement Hryshkivtsi Berdychiv
Raihorodok rural Raihorodok Berdychiv
Semenivka rural Semenivka Berdychiv
Shvaikivka rural Shvaikivka Berdychiv
Brusyliv settlement Brusyliv Zhytomyr
Irshansk settlement Irshansk Korosten
Nova Borova settlement Nova Borova Zhytomyr
Khoroshiv settlement Khoroshiv Zhytomyr
Myropil settlement Myropil Zhytomyr
Romaniv settlement Romaniv Zhytomyr
Yemilchyne settlement Yemilchyne Novohrad-Volynskyi
Barashi rural Barashi Novohrad-Volynskyi
Novohuivynske settlement Novohuivynske Zhytomyr
Berezivka rural Berezivka Zhytomyr
Hlybochytsia rural Hlybochytsia Zhytomyr
Oliivka rural Oliivka Zhytomyr
Stanyshivka rural Stanyshivka Zhytomyr
Teterivka rural Teterivka Zhytomyr
Horshchik rural Horshchik Korosten
Ushomyr rural Ushomyr Korosten
Korostyshiv urban Korostyshiv Zhytomyr
Starosiltsi rural Starosiltsi Zhytomyr
Kharytonivka rural Kharytonivka Zhytomyr
Luhyny settlement Luhyny Korosten
Liubar settlement Liubar Zhytomyr
Chopovychi settlement Chopovychi Korosten
Narodychi settlement Narodychi Korosten
Horodnytsia settlement Horodnytsia Novohrad-Volynskyi
Romanivka rural Romanivka Novohrad-Volynskyi
Pishchiv rural Pishchiv Novohrad-Volynskyi
Stryieva rural Stryieva Novohrad-Volynskyi
Chyzhivka rural Chyzhivka Novohrad-Volynskyi
Yarun rural Yarun Novohrad-Volynskyi
Ovruch urban Ovruch Korosten
Hladkovychi rural Hladkovychi Korosten
Slovechne rural Slovechne Korosten
Olevsk urban Olevsk Korosten
Bilokorovychi rural Bilokorovychi Korosten
Kornyn settlement Kornyn Zhytomyr
Popilnia settlement Popilnia Zhytomyr
Andrushky rural Andrushky Zhytomyr
Kvitneve rural Kvitneve Zhytomyr
Radomyshl urban Radomyshl Zhytomyr
Horodok settlement Horodok Zhytomyr
Vyshnevychi rural Vyshnevychi Zhytomyr
Potiivka rural Potiivka Zhytomyr
Ruzhyn settlement Ruzhyn Berdychiv
Vchoraishe rural Vchoraishe Berdychiv
Pulyny settlement Pulyny Zhytomyr
Kurne rural Kurne Zhytomyr
Cherniakhiv settlement Cherniakhiv Zhytomyr
Vysoke rural Vysoke Zhytomyr
Chudniv urban Chudniv Zhytomyr
Vilshanka rural Vilshanka Zhytomyr
Krasnopil rural Krasnopil Berdychiv

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