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Centralschule (Boys School) in Molochansk
Centralschule (Boys School) in Molochansk
Flag of Molochansk
Coat of arms of Molochansk
Molochansk is located in Zaporizhzhia Oblast
Molochansk is located in Ukraine
Coordinates: 47°12′26″N 35°35′41″E / 47.20722°N 35.59472°E / 47.20722; 35.59472Coordinates: 47°12′26″N 35°35′41″E / 47.20722°N 35.59472°E / 47.20722; 35.59472
Country Ukraine
Oblast Zaporizhzhia Oblast
RaionTokmak Raion
 • Total6,224

Molochansk (Ukrainian: Молоча́нськ, pronounced [moɫoˈt͡ʃɑnʲsʲk]; Russian: Молочанск) is a city in Tokmak Raion of Zaporizhzhia Oblast, Ukraine. It is located at around 47°12′26″N 35°35′41″E / 47.20722°N 35.59472°E / 47.20722; 35.59472. The river Molochna flows through the city. Population: 6,224 (2021 est.)[1].


Molochansk was founded in 1804 by Plautdietsch-speaking Mennonite settlers who were invited by Empress Catherine the Great to settle on the vast steppes of the Tsar's Russian empire. They called the new village "Halbstadt". Mennonites had earlier, in 1789, founded the Chortitza Colony at the invitation of Catherine the Great. It was the successful founding of Chortitza that encouraged expansion into the Molochna River region. By 1850, there were over 50 Mennonite villages south and east of Molochansk/Halbstadt.

Because of hostile national policies toward Mennonites in the 20th century Soviet Union, almost no Mennonites are left in the region. During Soviet rule, a large number of people lost all their possessions, left the country, or were relocated to the remote parts of Kazakhstan.

In 2004, the 200th anniversary of Molochansk/Halbstadt was celebrated with worldwide distinguished guests in attendance. Canada's ambassador to Ukraine was present at this gala event.


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