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Template:Wikipedia category

Pages are placed in this category when any of the following cite errors are generated on the page:

  • The named reference "$1" was defined multiple times with different content (see the help page).
Where $1 is the <ref> tag name.

This indicates that there are multiple <ref> tags (or {{sfn}} templates) on the page that are generating the same named reference with different body content. If the differences in reference text are immaterial, the situation may be fixed by removing the body content from all but one of the ref tags, i.e. converting them to <ref name="foo" /> format. If the differences are important, the situation may be fixed by changing the names so they are no longer the same. If you fix it you can leave this edit summary if you wish:
Fix duplicate ref names – [[:Category:Pages with duplicate reference names|You can help!]] The pages Template:Broken ref, Help:Cite errors and subpages contain deliberate errors and do not need to be repaired.